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Coach Dan grew up playing Floorball in Sweden and brought it to U.S. because he could not stop playing the sport that he loves. He is USA Floorball Regional Director for Florida, U16 National Team General Manager and keeps his USA Hockey coaching certificates up to date as well as Safesport. He keeps the practices fun, fast paced, challenging and safe


Mission and Future

Our Mission is to spread awareness about Floorball in the Central Florida Region and help grow the sport in U.S. We have a passion for the sport and want to get Floorball sticks in as many hands as possible. We want to show you how amazing this sport can be and help grow the sport. 2021 Floorball will be part of the World Games in Birmingham, USA, soon we will be in the Olympics and we want to help prepare U.S. to be able to compete. If your organization or school is interested in trying out Floorball please let us know and we will help you make it happen.

About Us



These are some of the Tournaments Orlando Vikings has been involved in:

2019 U19 World Championships in Halifax - Liam Williamsson

2019 Texas Open, U.S. U19 Development Team - Liam Williamsson

2019 Nationals in Lynchburg Virginia - Upcoming. Adult team and Kids Team



In official Floorball, teams play 5 v 5 with goalies and the games consist of three 20-minute periods. It is played in a gym and a regulation size court is 65ft by 130ft. Goals are 6ft x 4ft. It has referees and boards are surrounding the court to keep the ball in play. The rules are there to keep the game safe. The emphasis is on speed and skill rather than size and strength.

However, Floorball is very flexible and versatile. You do not necessarily need expensive boards and goalie equipment. You do not necessarily even need a gym. It can be played 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 without goalie (using smaller nets). It can be played on a parking lot, tennis court or even the beach. The sticks are lightweight, smaller than hockey sticks and the ball is light. It is fun to play around with at home to work on your hand-eye coordination. Whatever you have access to, you only need sticks and a ball to play Floorball.

Floorball rules are there to keep the game safe without any protective equipment.

Here are some of the most important rules:

1. No high sticking

2. No checking

3. No stick between the opponents legs

4. No stick interference (lifting, kicking or slashing opponents stick)

5. Do not play the ball with your hand or head



Orlando Vikings premier home is at RDV Sportsplex in Maitland, Florida. Even though we may use other facilities close to RDV, this is where we play most games and practice. Look at the details of the event/season for exact location.

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